IMPORTANT INFORMATION (please read carefully)

Complying thoroughly with the following installation, use and maintenance instructions al­lows the best product working and maintenance.

VALPRA doesn’t warrant their products in case of damages caused by the non-compliance of these instructions. Please keep this document.


It is suggested to assemble a pressure regulator before the inlet piping line to ensure a 3-bar con­stant pressure. Assemble the under-wash basin using our angle valves COMPACT with double filter, included in the packaging, to avoid any passage of foreign object. Before assembling, verify that the inlet piping line are free of any waste then close theinstallation.


Do not use domestic disinfectants to clean ceramics, abrasive detergents, corrosive substances and with alcohol, hydrochloric acid, and phosphoric acid.




Dear Guess we would like to thank you to choose our products.

1) Valpra tests every products by the quality control and warranty it by the factory defects and the production all the life ( it covers by the insurance GENERALI International group ). The gua­ranty is extend to every countries where Valpra company supply to authorizes dealers.

2) Valpra guaranties ourselves products for five years including components. The warranty is value by the invoice with the purchase date and the dealers name.

3) The goods defected must be back to the showroom bought with the invoice so we can to pick up with our charge. We will give back the products always our charge.

4) The warranty referring to a products don’t install it will only recognize if the article will come to a Valpra company in original packaging with enclose invoice.

5) The guaranty doesn’t cover the damages not follow the instructions enclose in the instructions sheet in the packaging as follow:

  1. Not confirm installation.

  2. It doesn’t correct maintenance .

  3. By the delivery or thrusts

  4. it is used up of the parts.

  5. It manumissions and to repair it doesn’t make by the Valpra’s authorized technical person and not original spare parts.

  6. By the frozen or dirty in the water pipes main system.








Nome Cognome - Name Surname


Indirizzo - Address                           



Tel. – Fax


Articolo – Article


Difetto Riscontrato – Notice Fault



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                                 Quality Control Stamp

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