Valpra developed a number of mechanisms several years ago, which it has now patented on an international level. They make it possible to regulate the water flow from all the taps in our catalogue to suit your requirements, that is to say on the basis of the pressure in your area. They can permit water savings of up to 95%.

We have developed some variants, enabling us to provide the following on the basis of their specific use:

1) The first variant for taps installed in public places (hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, etc.), which can only be regulated by the professional who installs the Valpra product.

2) The second variant for taps installed in private homes, which can be regulated very easily and directly by the user with just two fingers (very soft mechanism), without having to dismantle anything. The flow can be regulated at any time.

Intelligent Water Consumption Suggestions

The toilet flush consumes around 10 litres of water each time it is used. To reduce this, just put a one-litre plastic bottle of water in the cistern, with its label removed and lid firmly screwed on, install a dual flush system or regulate the float for a smaller water capacity.

Rainwater can be collected and channelled
from the gutters to your garden or water butts for later use. Rainwater is free. Using it rationally means saving water from the mains and cutting the cost of your water bill.

Pot plants can be watered using water that has already been used to wash fruit and vegetables. Just collect the water in a bowl in the sink and use it after washing your vegetables.

Check the condition of the plumbing in your home on a regular basis. Just check the water meter when all the taps are off. If it continues to go up, there is probably a leak in your plumbing. Call a plumber before the leak gets worse or damages your neighbour’s property.

Have a shower instead of a bath. It takes 100 litres of water to fill a bath tub, while a shower uses about half this amount.

Be ecofriendly when cleaning your teeth
. An everyday habit such as cleaning your teeth can waste huge amounts of water in the long term due to the very bad and pointless habit of always leaving the water running. You only need to use the flow of water twice: (1) on the brush initially and (2) then to rinse the brush. When cleaning your teeth, which takes at least 2 minutes if you do it properly, it is pointless leaving the tap running. Why not use a glass of water to rinse your teeth. It is more convenient and wastes less water. In any case, in order to clean your teeth properly, it is recommended that you always rinse your mouth using the same brush soaked in water to remove the toothpaste from your teeth before then rinsing your mouth out with a glass of water.

Ecofriendly shaving. Don’t leave the tap running to clean your razor or while shaving. Put the plug in and half fill the basin with water, then rinse your razor in there as and when necessary. It simply means changing a small habit. It will not affect the quality of the shave or the time taken to shave.

When washing up it is advisable to soap the dishes in a bowl of water and then use a slow flow of water at the very end to rinse them.

When washing your hands it is pointless leaving the water running. Applying soap to your hands correctly is the most important thing when it comes to cleaning them properly. Turn on the tap at the beginning to wet your hands and the soap, then turn it off. After soaping your hands for 1-2 minutes, turn the water back on to rinse them. Water savings are guaranteed. All you need to do is change a few small habits.

Turn the tap off when washing your hair. You can also save water by turning the tap off when massaging shampoo into your scalp and after applying conditioner (one to two minutes). You will save many litres of water, if you think of the tap pressure, whilst achieving the same result.

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